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Simulated Car Racing Optimization Contest @ GECCO-09: Summary and Entries

Daniele | Championship 2009,GECCO-2009 | Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

The sources of entries submitted to the first edition of the Simulated Car Racing Optimization Contest @ GECCO-09 are online.
The winners of the first edition of the “Optimizing Car Setup” competition are Pietro Versari, Stefano Morini, Stefano Cagnoni from Universit√† degli Studi di Parma.
The following slides reports the detailed results:

GECCO-2009 – Results of the Second Leg of the Championship

admin | Championship 2009,GECCO-2009 | Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The second leg of the 2009 Simulated Car Racing Championship just ended. We received around ten submissions. Five new submissions plus the submissions from CEC-2009. Three participants of the CEC-2009 simulated car racing competition updated their drivers.

The three tracks used for the GECCO-2009 leg are: Dirt3, E-road and Alpine.

The results of the first qualifying stage are summarized in the following table:

COBOSTAR is still the fastest controller around but Onieva and Pelta are getting closer and closer. MrRacer was unfortunately disqualified since the controller crashed in one of the tracks. At the end of the first stage eight controllers have been selected (the ones showed in green in the table) and three were eliminated (the red ones in the table above).

In the second stage, for each track, we run eight races with different starting grids and scored the controllers based on their arrival position.

The results are summarized in the following table:

Onieva and Pelta performed really well and actually won this leg of the championship. Congratulations! Their new controller performed really much better than the previous one.

This results reopens the championship since the championship scoreboard has the two teams separated by just few points as shown in this table:

Please, remind that the controller by Luigi, the champion of the CIG2008 competition, appears in the scoreboard but it cannot be awarded with any prize since it belongs to one of the organizing institutions).

I wish to thank all the participants. The next leg will be held during CIG-2009 in Milan and it will be held live so that people will be able to watch an actual race while it is happening.

More news will be posted later.

New Highlights from the CEC-2009 Simulated Car Racing Competition

admin | CEC-2009,Championship 2009,CIG-2009,GECCO-2009,Uncategorized | Thursday, May 28th, 2009

New videos from the CEC-2009 simulated car racing competition are available for each one of the competitor: