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SCR 2010 FAQ

Daniele | | Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Q1. What do I have to submit to enter the competition?

A1. You have to provide a complete package with the controller, i.e., everything is necessary to compile and to run it (sources must be included).
Controllers developed in C++ or in Java and fully compliant with the client package of the competition software are preferred.
However, any custom implementation of the competition client will be accepted as long as:

1) it can work correctly with the competition server
2) it provides the same command line option of the C++ and Java client packages of the competition software (see the competition manual for details)
3) it can (compile and) run under Ubuntu Linux

You also have to submit a brief README with the instructions on how to run your controller (especially for custom implementation of the client package).
Finally, you have to submit a brief description of your controller (see later) and you can also provide a customized skin.

Q2. Do I have to submit a description of my controller?

A2. Yes, you have to submit five slides (Power Point format is preferred) that describe your controller.
These slides might be used by the organizers to present the competition results during the conferences.

Q3. How can I submit a controller to the competition?

A3. Entries should be submitted by email to scr2010@sigevolution.org

Q4. How can my controller know the track it is racing on?

A4. During the scoring process, the name of the current track will be always provided to the controllers using the specific command line options of the client software (see the competition software manual).
The naming scheme used for the tracks will be specifically devised for the competition and it will be different from the one used in TORCS.

Q5. How can my controller know the current stage of the Grand-Prix?

A5. During the scoring process, the type of the current stage (i.e., warm-up, qualifying, race) will be always provided to the controllers using the specific command line options of the client software (see the competition software manual).
To identify correctly the current stage of the competition, you must rely only on the value of the stage attributes provided with the controller API (see the competition software manual).
In fact, during the scoring process there is no guarantee that all the three stages for one track will be completed before starting the scoring process on the next track (e.g., the warm-up stage can be performed on all the three tracks of one leg before starting the qualifying stage).
However, in the scoring process it will be guaranteed that:

1) for each track, the warm-up stage will be performed before the qualifying stage (on the same track) and the qualifying stage will be performed before the race stage (on the same track).
2) each stage will be performed only once for each track

Q6. How can I re-use what I’ve learned in the warm-up stage?

A6. Learned knowledge can be stored in a file (please do not use any absolute path and report all the information about the files saved in the README provided with the entry).
It is possible to exploit the stage and trackname information provided by the controller’s API (see the competition software manual) to identify properly the knowledge to save/load.
As an example, to run the warm-up stage on the track “SCR10-Leg1-Track1” we will launch the client including the following options “stage:0 track:SCR10-Leg1-Track1” (see the competition software manual).
Thus, the controller will know that the current stage is warm-up (encoded as 0) and the current track is “SCR10-Leg1-Track1”.
All the learned knowledge in this stage by the controller can be stored to be re-used in the next stages of the competition that will take part on the “SCR10-Leg1-Track1” (that will be run including the option “track:SCR10-Leg1-Track1”).

Q7. Can I customize the skin of my car?

A7. Yes, you are encouraged to customize the skin of your car with your name and/or the logo of your institutions.
This will make it easier to recognize your car in the videos that will be put on-line after the competition.
To customize the skin of you car you can edit the template available here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cig/files/SCR-Skins/car1-trb1-template.xcf/download
The .xcf file format can be edited using GIMP (http://www.gimp.org/, available both for Windows and Linux).
Customized skin must be submitted along with the controller.

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