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Car Racing @ CIG2008

Daniele | | Friday, September 19th, 2008

The CIG 2008 Car Racing Competition

Software and information are likely to be updated in the next days. If you are thinking of taking part in the competition, please send us a mail at racingcompetition@gmail.com and we will keep you informed!

You can also register to the the competition google group to get support on technical problems.

This competition is organized by Daniele Loiacono, Julian Togelius and Pier Luca Lanzi.

The competition is very similar to the WCCI 2008 competition and is based on the TORCS simulation environment. We developed a set of interfaces available that work on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, using Java and C++. It should be very easy to enter this competition if you already have some experience with the previous competition, as the interface is basically the same. However, our aim was to make the interfaces as simple as possible and, even if you did not take part to the previous competitions, we hope they will be very workable.

The deadline for submitting your entry is December 5, 2008.

The aim of the competition is to learn (or otherwise develop) a controller that races around a number of laps as fast as possible, alone or in the presence of other drivers. We will score every submitted controller on the distance raced in a fixed amount of time when driving on its own on a set of tracks. At the end of the competition, the best few controllers will race against each other on a different set of tracks, validating that the controllers perform well in the presence of other cars and that their performance generalizes to other tracks than those they were trained for. The winner of the final competitive races will get to present their controller at CIG2008, and will have their registration fee reimbursed.

Previous competitions saw a wide variety of controllers submitted, using different architectures (e.g. neural networks, fuzzy logic, force fields, expression trees) and training methods (e.g. genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, td-learning, direct critics, hand-coding). We hope to see the same variety of controller development strategies compared in this competition. We also hope that we will see the participation of people outside the computational intelligence community, e.g. from the games industry.

Please Mail us if you have any further questions.

Download the software


User Manual @CIG2008 (v 1.0)


The old version of the C++ Client (Win/Linux/Mac OsX) is fully compatible with the new server (just have a look to list of major changes to see how run it correctly with the new server).

Java Raceclient (Win/Linux/Mac OsX — v 0.1)


TORCS Server (Windows, v 0.1beta)

TORCS Server (Linux, v0.1beta)

Examples of configuration files

Quick Rrace config file

Practice Race config file

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