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Simulated Car Racing @ CEC-2009

admin | | Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

The simulated car racing competition of CEC-2009 is now part of the 2009 Simulated Car Racing Championship, an event joining the three competitions held at CEC-2009, GECCO-2009, and CIG-2009.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: May 8th 2009
  • Conference: May 18th-21th 2009

Rules and Regulations

The competition involves three Gran Prix on three (unknown) tracks. Each Gran Prix is organized in two stages: the warm-up and the actual race. In the warm-up, each driver will race alone for 10000 game tics, approximatively 3 minutes and 20 seconds of actual game time. The eight drivers that will cover the more distance will qualify for the next stage, the actual race.

In the second stage, the eight drivers will race together. Each race consists of ten trials. The goal of each trial is to complete five laps from a randomly generated starting grid. At the end of each trial, the drivers will be scored using the F1 system: 10 points to the first controller that completed the three laps, 8 points to the second one, 6 to the third one, 5 to the fourth, 4 to the fifth one, 3 to the sixth, 2 to the seveth, and 1 to the eighth. The driver performing the fastest lap in the race will get two additional points. The driver completing the race with the smallest amount of damage will receive two extra points. The final score for each driver in the Grand Prix will be computed as the median of the 10 scores collected during the trials.

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